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Saving on car insurance is easier than you think

Everyone's lifestyle is unique. That means everyone's insurance needs are just as unique. Thankfully, belairdirect has a method of saving for you, no matter what protection you need. Whether you own several cars, you want to protect your home and vehicle together or you're looking for group insurance, there's a discount just for you!

Different savings options for different needs

Different lifestyles require different coverage needs. belairdirect wants to help you save no matter what your coverage may entail. That’s why we offer a variety of coverage options so that you’ll be able to save while protecting the things that matter most to you. So no matter if you’re retired and enjoying the good life, you’re finishing up your degree and are planning out your career or you’ve been thinking about starting a family, we can help you protect and save.


The newest feature of our mobile app that rewards safe driving*. Save up to 25% by driving safely .

A program that rewards your safe driving. Save up to 25% by driving safely.

Take control of how much you pay for your car insurance with automerit.


Everyone at your address can save up to 15% up to 25% more than 10%* on their car insurance when you all insure your vehicles through belairdirect. You and your spouse or partner can save up to 15%14% on your car insurance when you both insure your vehicles through belairdirect.

Bundle Car + Home

Combine your home and car insurance with belairdirect and save up to 15% 20%*

Insurance for 50+

Your good driving record and experience could save you by with our selection of 50+ insurance products and discounts.

Family and young couple

Keep your home and family vehicle safe with our selection of insurance products and discounts for families and young couples

Group Program

It’s better together! Save with belairdirect’s preferred group discount for your car and/or home insurance on top of any other discounts.

Student Insurance

Study with peace of mind and save up to 50% on your auto insurance with belairdirect’s student discount.

Electric vehicle discount

We support drivers who make eco-friendly choices! Save up to 5% 20% when you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.

How can I save on my insurance?

There are several ways to reduce the cost of your insurance premium for your auto insurance, home insurance, condo insurance or other coverages you have. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of them to help you save even more:

Increase your deductible
This can be done for both your auto policy and home insurance. If you rarely make any claims, this will save you money in the long run.

Consider bundling your insurance
Having multiple products with a single trusted insurer like belairdirect will allow you to save both time and money.

Install a home security system
A central alarm system lets your insurer know that your taking every step to prevent loss from theft or damage caused by a home invasion.

Reduce your mileage
By limiting the time you spend on the road, the less likely you are to be in an accident. If it’s possible, use public transportation or carpool to commute to work.

Sign up for a Driver’s Ed. course
As a new or young driver, a registered driving course will teach you the fundamentals of good driving habits that will save you money in the long run. Does attending a driving school lower you on car insurance? With belairdirect, you can save for completing a driver’s training course from a registered school.

Keep up to date with your home renovations
Not only will your home be safer and more energy efficient, you may also receive discounts on your home insurance.

The family that drives together, saves together
If you have several family members in your household who drive, having them all insured with the same company may allow you to save.

Keep up to date with your home renovations
Not only will your home be safer and more energy efficient, you may also receive discounts on your home insurance.

Keep up to date with your home renovations
Not only will your home be safer and more energy efficient, you may also receive discounts on your home insurance.

Park your car in a safe place
A garage or driveway can protect your car from hit -and-runs, theft, vandalism, and may even allow your insurance agent to apply a discount.

Have winter tires installed on your vehicle
Although mandatory in Quebec and some parts of BC, winter tires should be installed during the winter months in any part of Canada. All-season tires lose grip once the temperature drops below 7°C. Your insurer will be able to adjust your auto insurance accordingly.

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